September Newsletter

September <span>Newsletter</span>

September Newsletter

WOOSH! How is it September already?! Summer seems to show no signs of leaving and so we are still waiting for the appropriate time to unpack all the Autumn clothes.

The kids have FINALLY gone back to school, but there’s no rest here for K&D Recruitment as we have roles to fill and candidates to place. So, buckle up and settle down for September’s news…

September is when we are used to things changing; kids move up a year in school and everywhere we look; marketing campaigns are starting to gear up towards Christmas. The sunny photos and BBQ adverts are being replaced with warm clothes, brown leaves, and all things Autumn. But what if you don’t want your staff to move on? What if keeping people in your company is what is best for the business? What steps can you take to improve employee retention? It's not just about hiring the best; it's about nurturing and retaining them within your organisation.

Unlocking Employee Retention: A Winning Formula for Employers

1. Cultivate a positive work culture:

A positive work culture is the foundation of a satisfied workforce. Foster an environment where employees feel respected, appreciated, and valued. Show genuine care for their well-being, recognise their achievements, and encourage a healthy work-life balance. Remember, the happier employees are, the more likely they are to stay.

2. Provide clear growth opportunities:

Employees crave growth and advancement. Provide them with a clear career development plan that aligns with their individual aspirations. Offering consistent learning opportunities, mentorship programs, and promoting from within will demonstrate your commitment to their professional growth, increasing their loyalty to your organisation.

3. Foster transparent communication:

When it comes to employee retention, open and transparent communication is indispensable. Regularly provide updates on company goals, policies, and upcoming changes. Encourage an environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their concerns, ideas, and feedback. Honesty and transparency build trust and a sense of belonging.

4. Recognise and reward excellence:

Recognition is a powerful tool for employee retention. Celebrate achievements, both big and small, and acknowledge the contributions of your employees. Implement an effective reward system that aligns with your organisation's values and performance objectives. This will not only boost morale but also foster a sense of appreciation and loyalty among your employees.

5. Provide competitive compensation and benefits:

To retain top talent, offering competitive compensation and benefits is crucial. Regularly review salaries to ensure they are in line with industry standards. Identify the benefits that matter most to your employees and tailor them accordingly. Remember, remuneration goes beyond the monetary aspect; it also involves work-life balance, flexibility, and wellness programs.

6. Promote work-life balance:

Promoting a healthy work-life balance is becoming increasingly important for today's workforce. Encourage flexibility, allowing employees to manage their personal and professional lives harmoniously. Promote well-being initiatives, such as employee wellness programs, paid time off, and support for work-from-home arrangements where feasible.

7. Foster teamwork and employee engagement:

Strong bonds between colleagues can significantly impact employee retention. Encourage teamwork, collaboration, and a sense of camaraderie. Provide opportunities for employee engagement, such as team-building activities, volunteering initiatives, and internal events that foster connections beyond the confines of their daily tasks.

Improving employee retention requires a multi-faceted approach but if you implement all these steps, you will create an environment where employees feel valued, supported, and motivated to stay, leading to a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship. Remember, investing in your employees is an investment in your organisation's future success.

In the News

It’s been an exciting time for manufacturing recently and we were hard pushed to select only three top stories to share with you! 

Antrim-based manufacturer, SAM Mouldings has revealed £7m investment plans at its architectural-mouldings manufacturing facility. This latest multi-million-pound investment will be channelled into product innovation, distribution system improvements and the construction of a new 45,000 square foot warehousing facility located in Newpark Industrial Estate, Antrim. Find out more here 

A robotics supplier has been chosen by BAE Systems to continue working on current and emergent projects in its Factory of the Future. True Position Robotics (TPR)’s previous work consisted of providing robot guiding technology to enhance the accuracy of conventional robots, significantly reducing the need for traditional assembly tooling. This was realised on a concept fuselage in an industry 4.0 factory demonstrator with TPR’s Adaptive Robot Control (ARC) solution. Read more here 

Last month’s GCSE results are the future of the industry and despite a rise in numbers the gender split is still too unequal.

The modest increase in the numbers taking design and technology means around 87,000 students studied D&T at this level, while computing has seen a 11.6% uplift in entries, representing around 9,500 more students year on year. Overall, the number taking sciences has increased roughly in line with the number of entries (up 3.4%). Entries for physics increased by 3.2%, chemistry by 3.5%, biology by 2.6% and double science by 3.5%. And we are pleased that, while overall numbers remain small, there’s been an 8.1% increase in the number of students taking GCSE Engineering and a 23% increase for construction and the built environment. However, despite these increases, the gender split across some of these GCSE subjects is a concern. While the rise in design & technology entries is driven by girls (up 4.79%) the proportion of girls taking D&T remains less than a third (31%), while girls account for just 21% of entries for computing, 17% for engineering and 10% for construction. Read more here 

Need a new role?

Your skills and talents as an employee are part, but not all, of what brought the employer to hire you, so open communication is always a great way to ensure both sides are content. If you want a new role then know that we love to chat, so even during your first week we’ll be chatting to you a lot, making sure you are supported and happy.

Your next role is just a phone call away, so feel free to reach out. We promise to look after you!

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Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and successful September!