This straight talking Yorkshire lass is a bundle of energy and sparkle. Think Tigger with extra sugar! From a corporate sales career to social media, via business development, our Jem is a social media marketing diamond. 

Hating cold calls meant that Jem had to find another way to be successful, to build the lifestyle she wanted…so she did. And it worked so well, that soon the Big Guys were queuing to ask her to show them how to do it.

Jem works at speed, she thrives on relationships and has the knack for getting the very best from people, which means she can build you a network beyond your wildest dreams. What she doesn’t know about selling softly on socials just isn’t worth knowing. We try not to feed her after midnight, she would happily stay up and keep working! You can find Jem in the company of partner Josh, son Charlie and Jack Jack the dog who is the Chief FlufferButt, in charge of cuddles and undisturbed Nanna naps for Jem.

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Jemma Lea Bevan And the Social Jems (Podcast)

Lyndsey Meredith, Jem Bevan, Harpreet Chana & Angela Cripps

In this release, Jay sat down (virtually) with Jemma Lea Bevan of Social Jems. Jemma is a specialist in digital marketing and social media strategy, and is full of handy pointers and tips for generating those LinkedIn leads.

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