October Newsletter

October <span>Newsletter</span>

October Newsletter

LinkedIn has new priorities and so do we!

Welcome to our October newsletter, where we share the new LinkedIn changes and what you can do about them. Since it’s October, it would be rude not to include a little fun game too. How many bats can you find in this newsletter? 🦇

Let’s get started with those all-important LinkedIn changes! 

The new changes to LinkedIn that could impact how your content performs. Let’s get stuck in. 

LinkedIn has updated its algorithm to reshape how content is prioritised and delivered to your audience. The platform now prioritises posts that share knowledge and advice. 

The goal: to serve its users with relevant, informative, and engaging content.🦇


Each LinkedIn post is evaluated based on four crucial factors: 

💎 Audience Relevance: The algorithm wants to pinpoint the intended audience and their specific interests. 🦇 It considers signals like industry, keywords, and hashtags from your profile and posts to connect your content with the right individuals.

 💎 Author Authority: Your credibility and expertise on a subject are important. The algorithm assesses your profile's completeness and optimisation, your past post engagement, and your interactions with followers and commenters.

 💎 Comment Quality: Posts that initiate meaningful conversations are favoured. High-quality, relevant comments, especially if you actively participate and continue the discussion, are a big plus.

 💎 🦇 Unique Perspective: The algorithm gives preference to posts offering a clear viewpoint, original insights, or advice. It employs artificial intelligence to categorise and filter posts, ensuring authenticity and relevance while eliminating generic or spammy content.


We’ve talked about the algorithm’s criteria, now what?

Here’s how you can boost engagement and make your content stand out on LinkedIn. 

💎 Tailor to your audience: Is your content appealing to the needs and interests of your target audience? Remember to use relevant keywords, hashtags and tags in your industry and niche. 

💎 Make sure to optimise your profile: Complete all profile sections, don’t forget your photo and headline! Add relevant skills and endorsements and keep asking for recommendations. 

💎 Engage, engage, and engage: We can’t say this enough, it has always been important, and it remains to be important. 🦇 Ask questions, request feedback, and start conversations within your posts. Don’t forget to engage with other users, it’s not just about you and your wants! 

💎 Share your insights: Share your personal perspective and offer value to your audience. Don’t be generic, provide actual useful and relevant information that can help. 🦇 🦇 Solve their problems!



Let’s start off with Charlie! Jem’s son started High School and on the first day went in the wrong blazer and gave Jem a panic attack when she couldn’t get a hold of him after school had finished. Turns out Charlie had lost his pencil case and went around the school searching for it and forgot to turn his phone on- you can imagine the stress Jem felt when she couldn’t get in touch with her son! He’s now joined 3 afterschool activities, and loving life! 🦇

🦇 The Jem of Jems

Jem has been non-stop! Since the swift departure of Anna, Jem has continued to run SocialJems to help in our growth. Along with ensuring all clients were happy, especially with the sudden changes. 🦇 But we are proud to say that Jem has been able to take some days off from working (which for her, it’s almost impossible), she went to a wedding and has been spending time with her partner Josh and her son Charlie. She’s also looking forward to the upcoming masquerade ball being held by Maintech recruitment! Are you going? 👀

The Morgenmuffel

Sarah is back from Dover after spending time with Joe’s family, including the family dog. She has continued to take her driving lessons and is determined to get her freedom back! Here at SocialJems, 🦇 we like to get ahead on content for our clients, but Sarah has been taking it to another level. 2 months of content for one client in two days – no wonder she has “poodle hair”. Someone get this gal a gin! 

Thank you

Thank you for your continued support and a massive thanks to our awesome clients who continue to work with us! Watch out for our latest blog on how your employees can generate leads on LinkedIn -coming out next week! 

So, what do you think to the new LinkedIn changes, are you ready?

And how many bats did you count? 🦇