Building a LinkedIn Community for Success

Building a LinkedIn Community for <span>Success</span>

Building a LinkedIn Community for Success

Once upon a time we all trundled out to networking events, armed with little business cards and a desperate desire to be anywhere other than stuck in a room with strangers.

Then the pandemic hit and the whole world had to stay home…..and LinkedIn evolved almost overnight from a stuffy, corporate jobs board to a buzzing social network of infinite possibilities. 

But success on LinkedIn is not easy, or quick; it takes time and effort. Lots of both. 

So to help you, we have 5 top tips to speed you on your way. And of course, we are here to help too!

1. Polish Your Profile: 

Having a great profile is one of the main keys to successful networking on LinkedIn. Make sure it's up-to-date and includes all the important details about your background, skills, and achievements. Don't forget to add a headshot to make a memorable first impression. Also, create an eye-catching headline and a summary that showcases your unique strengths. By having a polished profile, you'll attract the right connections and make it easy for others to engage with you. We have a whole blog dedicated to polishing your profile on our website that gives you a lot of help in what to do.

2. Connect with a Purpose: 

Quantity is not everything when it comes to building your network. Yes, sadly, having 150K followers doesn’t mean anything if you have no clients! Focus on quality connections, so no, you don’t have to accept anyone and everyone. Start with people you know personally, such as colleagues, classmates, and clients. LinkedIn can also suggest mutual connections or relevant industry groups for you to join. When sending connection requests, be personal and explain why you'd like to connect. Look for individuals who share your interests, are industry influencers, or work for companies you'd love to be a part of. Remember, networking is all about forming mutually beneficial relationships.

3. Get in on the Action: 

To build and nurture an ENGAGED community on LinkedIn, you need to actively engage with others. Spend time browsing your feed and interacting with posts by liking, commenting, and sharing those that resonate with you. By engaging with others, you'll increase your visibility, demonstrate your industry knowledge, and show that you're an eager member of the community. Also, consider writing articles or publishing posts on topics related to your field. By sharing valuable insights and solutions, you'll establish yourself as the “go-to” for your niche and attract connections who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

4. Keep it Personal: 

Personalisation is key when it comes to networking, and LinkedIn is no exception. Instead of sending generic connection requests, take the time to personalise your messages. Mention shared interests, recent achievements, or mutual connections to show that you're genuinely interested in the person you're reaching out to. Adding that personal touch goes a long way in building meaningful connections. Keep it short, polite and DO NOT COLD PITCH! Also, be sure to respond to messages and comments on your own posts- manners are free!

5. Give to Get: 

Networking is all about giving more than taking. Be proactive in supporting your connections by endorsing their skills, writing recommendations, or sharing their content. Look for opportunities to offer advice, answer questions, or provide feedback. By consistently giving without expecting anything in return, you'll earn respect and trust from your network. It’s ok to simply chat in the comments on a post, after all LinkedIn is a SOCIAL media platform. 

Above all, don’t hide away. Get involved naturally and have some fun with it. 

LinkedIn can open doors to exciting career opportunities and professional growth, but it can also bring new friends and ideas to your door. It’s not all about business, it’s now a far more human platform!

If you are stuck and need help with content, messages, or engagement, just get in touch. We can do it with you, show you how to do it or do it for you! 

Building a LinkedIn Community for Success
By Jemma