August Newsletter

August <span>Newsletter</span>

August Newsletter

Right, it’s August, so can somebody please tell us WHERE the sunshine is?

Right, it’s August, so can somebody please tell us WHERE the sunshine is? Honestly, it’s wet and we have all seriously had conversations that revolve around whether or not we should put the heating on.  So, to lift the gloom we have devoted this month’s newsletter to all things positive and sparkly. If we had some glitter, we would throw it. But we don’t. So, we won’t.


This month we are doing something a little different. As many of our lovely audience members are juggling summer holidays and childcare on top of work (Jem included!), we have decided to hold off on a training session. Instead, we are giving away a free download. It gives you 30 content prompts that you can copy, paste, and personalise as you wish. We know the summer can be a minefield for so many of you and want to make things as easy as possible. To get it, all you need to do is either:

💎Reply to this newsletter and tell us you want it

💎DM any of us and tell us you want it

💎Send a pigeon with a note that says you want it

Basically, just shout, and it's yours with our love! 


💎 Threads has predictably lost around 50% of its eager subscribers but this was always going to happen. So much of the software was not ready that the platform is severely limited in what it can do and what it can offer. It just goes to show that following the herd is not necessarily the best course of action. That said, engagement is still better on Threads than on Twitter.

💎 Twitter has now become X. No, we have no idea why either, but as the whole platform is one giant mess, maybe it will help with a re-launch? Hashtags on Twitter, sorry, X, are officially NOT a good idea. Elon wants you to keep on X and for your content to not bounce people around (which is why external links are also a bad idea).  Are you using X? We don’t as we don’t agree with paying to make sure our tweets get the reach needed. And we don't like it. 

💎 LinkedIn is still our favorite platform and is rolling out changes faster than Usain Bolt can run 100m.  Have you tried the new AI assistant there yet? We would advise caution- AI is great as a tool for ideas and helping to frame those ideas, but never forget that no AI can replace the humor and empathy of a human writer. It's also very easy to spot posts and comments written with AI! 

💎 Facebook is getting some huge traction behind reels so it’s worth sharing your short form video there too. Have you updated your profile to Professional Mode yet? It is giving the sort of organic reach that can normally only be gained with ad spend behind it. We are impressed! 

💎 Instagram’s new collaboration tool on posts allows you to get 3 times the reach. Remember that when you collaborate with someone, that content is shown in ALL the collaborators feeds! Get collaborating and tag all of your collaborators each time! 


We are super proud of Jem who not only has been awarded “Top Storytelling Voice” by LinkedIn but has also been anonymously nominated for The Women in Sales Small Business Award!! Jem is, as you all know, passionate about sales and making it simple, non-sleazy and as easy as possible. So, for her to have been recognised and nominated for another award is fabulous. Keep your eyes open for news on this and how the voting works. 

In other news, our founder Jem has been working tirelessly throughout the summer holidays, all whilst playing sarcastic nurse to her partner Josh, due to him breaking his knee. She’s supportive of him and helping him, but that doesn’t mean she will tone down the sarcasm. Now that Charlie is back from a coastal adventure, they’ll all be taking a mini holiday that involves a hot tub, and not a lot of walking for obvious reasons. 

Sarah is visiting Joe’s family in Dover and taking EVERY opportunity to get into the sea, take photos of the sea, work by the sea….you get the idea!  There has been a fair amount of dog cuddling, gin sampling and lots of content creation. Sarah always works happiest by the sea and with plenty of dogs around her, so add in the traditional seaside attractions and the opportunity to win more Pokemon, and all in all we have a very cheerful MorganMuffel here at SocialJems. 

Anna managed to take the 1st week of the holiday off…and promptly caught covid, so spent her week off feeling terrible and being sick. Tiddlypud is enjoying playdates, sleepovers, and a week at dance school, so Anna is cramming as much work into these spaces as she can.  We believe her when she says she is longing for September and a return to a normal routine! It’s not all toil though, as she has discovered that drinking cocktails helps a little… especially when she has to sew 26 badges onto Eloise’s GirlGuiding blanket!    See you next month, love from The SocialJems x