October Newsletter!

October <span>Newsletter!</span>

October Newsletter!

Price rises, gloom and doom…. At least the leaves are falling! Times may be hard but we aren’t going to let it get to us, it’s time to grit those teeth (not too hard, dentists are pricey creatures) plaster smiles across our chops and keep spreading positivity and love!

Price rises, gloom and doom….

At least the leaves are falling!

Times may be hard but we aren’t going to let it get to us, it’s time to grit those teeth (not too hard, dentists are pricey creatures) plaster smiles across our chops and keep spreading positivity and love!

And what better way to do that than the monthly Social Jems newsletter?

The ‘average’ blog…

Some interesting stats from the Orbit Media Studios 2022 blog survey to consider.

The average blog length is 1376 words, and the average time taken to create one is 4 hours 10 minutes.

With blogs it’s a case of creating the right length to get your message across effectively, and our blogs of course are anything but average, but it’s interesting to see!

Keeping your info up to date…..

Worth a reminder to make sure that you keep your profile info as up to date as possible.

You post, like and comment to get people to visit your profile so make sure it’s bang up to date and does you justice, or all your efforts will go to waste!

Linked In Upgrades

The promised scheduling tool has been launched in India and will hopefully be available elsewhere soon.

This is going to make such a difference to planning posting strategies for the vast majority who don’t already use a scheduling tool, and we can’t wait to trial it ourselves!

No time to finish your post?  Don’t worry, it won’t be lost if you have to log out, you now have the option to save it as a draft so you can return to it when it’s convenient.

Company pages are being shown some love with new post templates, link stickers and pinned post options now available for use on them.

Don’t forget you can now interact with your connection through audio events where you can host live, interactive chats with anyone anywhere!

Video boost, LI is working on an auto captioning feature for videos, a great timesaver and an encouragement for people to create videos since your message will come across even if the viewer watches on mute.

Time to consider video!

Now that auto captioning is set to arrive, there’s never a better time to consider creating them!

It’s such a great way of getting your point across in a way that showcases both your product and your personality.

They don’t have to be perfect, so long as your message is clear people will respect you for having the guts to put yourself out there!

We can help you conquer your nerves and get started if you find the prospect scary!

The personal stuff, Jem

How quickly they grow up!

Jem has been in ‘anxious mum mode’ as Charlie had a week away from home with school!

Naturally, he had a wonderful time but this didn’t stop Jem from missing her little partner in crime!

She’s also been hard at it promoting the forthcoming networking event at the Roxy in Leeds on Saturday 13 October, definitely worth attending if you like your networking to be informal and FUN!

If you’d like to come along please click on the link below for tickets:


Jem has a couple of thank yous for two very special gifts she is chuffed to have received.

Firstly, thank you to Claire Medhurst for the card from Tree Appeal, she’s really chuffed to be doing her bit for the environment and hopes her little tree will flourish!

And a big ‘thank you’ to Chris Nial for the remarkable Remarkable that he has kindly given her, her note taking will benefit massively as a result!

Jem always goes ‘above and beyond’ for her clients and is very touched when they appreciate this and come up with lovely gestures like this, it’s very heartwarming!

Just shows what lovely things can happen when you make decent connections and friendships with people, thank you both!

The personal stuff:  Sarah

Sarah’s driving lessons are continuing well, she’s hoping to pass her test by next February so she can fulfil her dream of seaside living at Great Yarmouth.

Plus she’ll have herself a new job to occupy herself when she is there, congratulations are in order and it’s well deserved, but don’t worry, she’ll continue being the wonderful Social Jem that she is!

We won’t be getting rid of her that easily, which is good news because she’s a credit both to the team and herself!

She’s also becoming a dab hand in the kitchen, her latest project is learning how to make dan dan noodles, she reckons it’ll take her 10 years to suss it!

Only the puppy to sort now!

The personal stuff:  David

Kitten chaos as Cheeky Blaze and Squinks grow, climb and pounce for all they are worth, anything that can be climbed or eaten (who knew palm seedlings were so delicious, eh?) has been placed safely out of paws way!

Both adorable little kittens, we still aren’t sure about the sex but we think we might have one, if not two boys, we don’t care either way, they’re both very affectionate and gorgeous, and that’s all that matters!

Another month, then the house will be filled with exciting plants to climb…..

Chaos, but lovely chaos, he hopes to have them both creating content by the end of the year, kitten food doesn’t pay for itself!

Spookily, we’ve left any Halloween references to the end, how many ways can you link your products and services to it?

Whether you use it or steer clear all together, enjoy it anyway!

Blink and it’ll be November!