May Madness from SocialJems

May Madness from <span>SocialJems</span>

May Madness from SocialJems

What a massive month May is for us over here at SocialJems! Jem is moving house (finally!) Anna is having her surgery (finally!) and the sun has arrived (finally!). Now the bank holidays have finished (finally!) we feel a bit more balanced and have so many good things going on to tell you about, including our free training events

Social media platforms have been brushing off the dust and releasing updates at a speed that has left us all dizzy, but we have pinned down the most important ones for you here. As always, there are dozens and dozens of rollouts, and to cover them all would take us far too long, so here we only pick the biggest news you need to know!

LinkedIn: the BIG news here is the introduction of Sales Navigator Smartlinks. These allow you to track WHO is opening your content, HOW LONG they look at it for and WHAT they click on.

Powerful stuff eh?

4 ways you can use sales navigator smartlinks:

👉Insert your smartlinks in your Linkedin messages

👉Insert your smartlink in your cold emails

👉Publish your smartlink in a Linkedin post

👉Add your smartlink to your landing pages

They are only available on the Sales Navigator version of Premium, so you will need to upgrade if you are on the Business or Professional accounts. It sucks, but hey, LinkedIn knows how to keep us hooked. 

Meta: you are soon to be able to customise the types of reels you see! By clicking on the 3 dots at the top of a reel, you can select from “Show More” or “Show Less”. If you select “more” then Meta will show you more reels like that one, as well as ranking that reel higher… which means more people will see it! If your page is still set to the Classic settings, it will be forced into the New Page Experience on June 5th. Get swapping sooner and learn to use it before you are forced there!

Instagram: Instagram are testing something out where you can put UGC (user generated content) into your Instagram shop; so if you have products for sale, then you’ll be able to use client videos and images that feature your wares. From April next year, your shop on Instagram (and Facebook) will no longer be accessible IF it sends users to another site to complete the transaction. 

Twitter: with all the changes happening, being undone and general chaos, we’ve decided to not even go there at the moment. Plus, Jem and Anna REALLY don’t like Twitter. 

Social media tip

What does "curating your feed" ACTUALLY mean, in normal person speak?

👉Training LinkedIn (Insta, FB ,etc) to show you the sort of stuff you like

Yep, that's it!

So, HOW does one achieve this mystical level of mastery?

💎comment on posts you like

💎don't like or engage with stuff you don't like

💎show up regularly

💎connect with ideal audience

💎follow useful accounts

💎follow carefully selected hashtags

By training the platforms, over time you will see MORE of what you want and LESS of what you don't.

Have you done this yet? Do you do it regularly?

Team News

Ok so we have already told you that Jem is moving house this month….but she is also off on holidays! A week in the sun is just what Our Jem needs, as true to form, she’s living at a million miles an hour. Oh, and Charlie has his SATs as well, so you know, it’s BUSY round at Jem’s!

Anna went in for surgery last month, only to have it cancelled at the last possible second! Thankfully she is in again on May 22nd and all the team are sending lots of love her way. She can’t wait to have this done as life is going to be SO much better, so until the 22nd Anna is busy stripping wallpaper and redecorating her house. Well, Matt is doing it, as apparently “Anna is pants at painting”

Sarah was recently sent up to Liverpool for some worky thing…and it was an early start. If you know our Morgenmuffel, you’ll know that she doesn't DO early. Our sympathies are extended to anyone who encountered her before noon, and her 4 coffees.