March Newsletter

March <span>Newsletter</span>

March Newsletter

Spring has arrived! March is one of our favourite months at SocialJems, and not just because daffodils happen to be everywhere AND they are in our brand colours.

It's the end of Q1 and so time to crunch data, implement the next 90 day plan and generally spring into spring like lambs in a field. Q2 feels like a lovely new shiny page and so it's the perfect time to up your game on LinkedIn and have a look at Sales Nav. This month, our blog is all about just how to use this superb tool to REALLY hone your social media marketing and become as successful as you wish.

Our plans for growth are well underway and SocialJems is pleased to offer 3 new services for clients:

  • Strategy
  • RoadMaps
  • Audits

Without a strong and comprehensive strategy, you can't know how to maximise your social media marketing. This means you will be posting and praying, with now solid foundations to all your efforts.

A roadmap breaks down all your products and services and matches them against each of your target audience and then goes on to detail exactly HOW to appeal to each one and WHAT to do. If you can't afford to outsource your social media then these two products will
mean you can run them yourself and STILL get results. 

And audits? These handy guides audit and analyse every single aspect of your presence and activity on LinkedIn and give your the easy, actionable steps to see immediate results.

Get in touch today to secure your strategy and roadmap for Q2!!

Learn About LinkedIn

Although the team here at SocialJems are experts in many platforms, LinkedIn remains our most popular social channel and so we've decided to dedicate this section of our monthly
newsletter to just LinkedIn and the updates that are rolling out quicker than you can keep up with.

The main news is that your profile is changing! You will now be able to organise which type of posts your audience see first when they land on your profile using the new activity section tabs.

This is the ideal opportunity to start using more videos, images and articles so you have something to offer everyone. If you create lots of videos, put that one first! If articles are your thing, select that tab as the first one.

Take a look at these images, released by LinkedIn (Photo credit to

But, there's more....

As if this wasn't exciting enough, LinkedIn has given us even more goodies...well, we say "given" but the rollouts are never as speedy as we would like, so it might be a while before we ALL receive the next batch of lovely Linky bits:

  • Scheduled Newsletters and articles
  • One click newsletter subscribe link button
  • Improved search engine discovery for articles
  • See newsletters available from authors directly under search

It looks like newsletters are getting a lot of attention from LinkedIn so maybe now is the time to dip your toes into the pool?

SocialJems News

As ever, our amazing team are living life to the full and busy supporting, empowering and encouraging our clients.

Anna has now been a director, alongside Jem, for a month and is busy streamlining and updating all the policies, procedures and plans. She is knee deep in audits and strategies as word has got out that she is THE social media strategist used by some super scrummy
brands and now everyone seems to want her skills.

She has also managed to bring Jem in to the CEO Day movement, and so now Jem has much more relaxed Fridays and remembers to actually eat some lunch. 

Outside work, Anna is busy with her new hobby of diamond art and watching Eloise learn to read and write. Sarah B introduced Eloise to Pokemon and Anna is now busy trying to remember which small yellow thing is which. She thought she was doing well, until Sarah told
her how many Pokemon there are to learn....

The BIG news from Jem this month is the purchase of a new HOUSE!! Never one to live a quiet life, our Jem decided, whilst in the middle of the ocean at Christmas, to buy a house.

So she did. Despite being on a boat, with no Wi-Fi and choppy seas. Never underestimate our Jem! We've seen the photos and it's gorgeous and comes with its very own garden bar.

Jem is now knee deep in plans and busy deciding exactly what will go where, all whilst coping with multiple vet visits (thanks to Jack and Lenny who are both fine) and somehow still finding time to onboard new clients and make sure Charlie eats his vegetables. 

Oh, and she has also managed to do all this despite having a slipped disc and all the agony that entails.

Sarah B is loving her new role and all the whisky and cigar sampling it brings with it, although her continuing driving lessons mean she can't have too much of the amber liquid! She is also very happy to have several thousand seals and their pups as neighbours, and can be found on Norfolk beaches watching them, despite the freezing temperatures!

Sarah A is investigating new computers and looking after her dog Ginger, who had to have an emergency operation and is now recovering well. We all had a sleepless night as our dogs are very much part of the team here at SocialJems and we know the worry of them not being well.

Our Testimonial of the Month shows you exactly WHY you need a strong strategy behind your social media...

Once you have the strategy, you will know how to use your platforms to maximum effect, meaning no more wasted time.

For those folks who want more guidance, we also offer a roadmap service. See exactly how to match your services to your audience to generate leads.

Get in touch with Jem or Anna today to secure yours and make Q2 your best ever quarter!