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June Newsletter

Instagram hashtags, Threads marketing a our new social shizzle service!

Are Instagram hashtags still relevant, is it worth marketing your business on Threads? We’ll answer these questions in our latest newsletter! Along with team updates and a little update about our new Social Shizzle Service. 

Let’s get our June newsletter started! First off, Instagram…

💎Are Instagram hashtags still relevant in 2024? 

Are Instagram hashtags still a thing in 2024?

Short answer - yes!😁

Let's get one thing straight from the jump, hashtags on Instagram aren't just still relevant in 2024, they're essential if you want to get your content noticed. 

You can chuck all the fancy filters and punchy captions you want at your posts, but without a solid hashtag strategy, you might as well be screaming into the void.

Now, before you go plastering every vaguely relevant hashtag under the sun, let's talk tactics. Instagram might recommend using just 3-5 hashtags these days, but that doesn't mean you should treat them like an afterthought. 

A carefully curated selection of targeted, bang-on-trend hashtags is what's going to put your posts in front of the people that actually matter - your ideal audience.

Think about it. Hashtags are like a great big neon sign pointing new eyes towards your content. They're the key to unlocking all those juicy benefits of fresh engagement, new followers, and most importantly, more potential customers sniffing around your business. 

And who doesn't want a slice of that pie?

But hashtags aren't just one-trick ponies. These little beauties have got plenty more tricks up their sleeves. Want to spy on what your competitors are up to? A cheeky hashtag search will sort you right out. 

Fancy getting involved with the latest trends? You'd better start hashtagging accordingly. Need to categorise your content into neat little bundles? Yeah, you guessed it - hashtags to the rescue.

Your Instagram grid will thank you for it.

Want more tips on how to unleash your Insta-potential? Check out our blog.

💎Is it worth marketing on Threads?

This fresh social messaging app has been causing quite a stir since its launch in July 2023, and it's showing no signs of slowing down in 2024.

For those of you still scratching your heads, Threads is a new platform developed by the Meta's Instagram team. It's all about building authentic conversations by allowing users to post and share text, images, and videos in public discussions. Think of it as a digital water cooler where people can gather, connect, and engage on a whole new level.

But why should your brand care? 

Well, let's start with the fact that Threads achieved a mind-boggling feat, it became the fastest app ever to reach 100 million users, surpassing even the mighty ChatGPT. That's right, this bad boy hit 1 million users within an hour of its launch, while ChatGPT took a leisurely five days to reach the same milestone. 

And the growth shows no signs of stopping. During Meta's Q4 2023 earnings announcement, Mark Zuckerberg himself revealed that Threads had already amassed a staggering 130 million monthly active users. That's a user base any brand would kill for, and it's only going to keep expanding as more and more people jump on the Threads train.

We get it, stepping into a new social realm can be daunting. But here's the thing: if your audience is on Threads (and let's face it, they probably are), then you need to be there too. It's as simple as that.

Imagine the opportunity to connect with your tribe on a deeper level, that goes beyond just likes and shares. Threads offers a fresh canvas for your brand to showcase its personality, engage with customers, and stay ahead of the curve.

So, what are you waiting for?

Oh, and if you’re looking for tips on how to market your business on Threads, follow us on our socials for tips! You’ll find our socials at the end of this newsletter. 😊 


💎Introducing SARAH!!!🥳

Yes, another Sarah in the gang and she's a force to be reckoned with!

While she's been low-key killing it behind the scenes for a while now, we reckon it's time to put this gem in the spotlight. As our resident VA, Sarah has been taking on more responsibility and let's be real, she's absolutely smashing it out of the park.

Not only is she an admin and content scheduling pro, she's also been learning the ropes of creating LinkedIn content from none other than the Morgenmuffel herself. 

Sarah is an outright animal lover, just like the rest of us crazy pet parents. 🐕 With her adorable fur babies by her side, she fits right into our little SocialJems menagerie. 

Sarah, you're an absolute legend and we're so happy to have you on board. 

Can we give some love for Sarah! 

Keep smashing it beaut! 

💎The Queen of SocialJems finally takes a PROPER Holiday

Our girl Jem has finally taken a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of business life. If you've been keeping tabs on her LinkedIn, you'd know that our fearless leader jetted off to Bulgaria with her other half Josh and their families for a proper holiday. 

Now, we all know how much of a workaholic Jem can be, but this time, she almost - and we mean almost - managed to keep her hands off that laptop. Pretty impressive, right?

Let's be real here, trying to fully disconnect from work when you're a business owner is like trying to get a toddler to sit still - damn near impossible.

Relaxation was on the menu, and she indulged in it like a champ. It's like she finally realised that taking a break isn't just a luxury, but a bleeding necessity for her mental well-being. Who knew, right?

And you know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, or in this case, the mind sharper. Jem came back from her holiday feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and absolutely brimming with brilliant ideas. It's like she hit the reset button, and now she's ready to take on the world all over again!🥳

💎Our Resident Morgenmuffel 

Sarah has been busy creating a lot of content for our clients, so she's not really had time to be on LinkedIn. But she believes in balance, so it's not all work.

When her eyes aren't glued to the laptop (her laptop is named Diego- don't ask), she's been hitting the arcades with her friends. She's still waiting for it to be warm enough to jump in the sea, she's not managed to convince anyone to jump in the sea with her yet, but she's persistent! They're not quite as eager to embrace the icy waters as our Sarah. 

So, whilst our Morgenmuffel waits for the warmer weather to jump in the sea, why not keep her busy until then? If you need help creating content that promotes you and your business, get in touch to see how we can help!

Get Social with the Social Shizzle Sessions! 

Check out our latest services to help you make the most out of social media. 

Brace yourselves, because the Social Shizzle is about to hit the fan (in the best way possible, of course).

First up, we've got the "Social Shizzle Session" – a one-on-one masterclass in unleashing your full social media potential, priced at a tidy £195 +VAT. In this bespoke session, you'll get to pick the brains of either our fearless leader Jem or our resident Morgenmuffel Sarah, two absolute bosses when it comes to smashing it online.

Imagine having a personal brainstorming sesh with these digital dynamos, pinging ideas back and forth, providing tips, and gaining invaluable insights into boosting your social presence and reach. They'll share their best secrets on crafting killer content that'll have your audience hooked, and help you map out a strategy to make your grid sizzle hotter than a vindaloo.

For those seeking a more comprehensive approach, we've got the "Social Strategy" package, weighing in at £125 + VAT. This badboy is like having your very own accountability mate, but one who also happens to be a certified social media whisperer.

With the Social Strategy, we'll take a proper deep dive into your business or services, and craft a tailored plan to conquer the online world. From brainstorming sessions to expert guidance on the best marketing tactics, we'll keep you on your toes and ensure you stay laser-focused on smashing those social media goals.

Look, we get it, some of you need a helping hand with generating fresh ideas, while others just want reassurance that you're on the right track. And then there are those who simply want a bit of handholding. 

We can only offer a limited number of these sessions each month (just 5, to be precise), so you'd better act fast before they're all snapped up.

Don't just take our word for it, though. Get in touch, and let's have a proper chat about how we can take your social presence from "meh" to "hell yeah!" in no time. Trust us, once you've experienced the Social Shizzle, you'll never look back.

💎Thanks for reading!

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June Newsletter
June Newsletter
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