June Newsletter

June <span>Newsletter</span>

June Newsletter

It’s arrived at last! Nope, not the sunshine (although we’re thrilled to see that too) but something far more wonderful and long lasting. Yes, we can now shout from the rooftops that Bostock is back!

This coffee fuelled Pokémon loving diamond of a woman is a content creation MACHINE. Sod AI, Sarah can write a month of lead generating content with graphics, in a single day.  The only problem is that she has such a great time doing it that she forgets to do things like eat! Jem and Anna are excited to have lured Sarah away from the murky world of employment and convinced her to re-join SocialJems…just remember, never speak to Sarah before her 2nd coffee of the day.


We have some more free training for you this month.  Jem adores training so we’ve decided it’s just easier to let her have a monthly slot, so for this month she is showing you how to maximise your LinkedIn leads and engagement on June 27th. Head on over to her profile to join in the fun.


Our monthly giveaway for June is a blog on a topic of your choice and up to 1000 words. Just hit reply and say you want it or drop a comment on Anna’s post for today and we will draw the winner on June 30th.  Any topic is fine, Anna has written some wildly niche blogs over the years so don’t be scared to say what you want, or if you have no idea, we can send you a selection of titles and you can choose one. It’s our way of helping #cozzielivs


It’s been a rollercoaster of a month and we’re not even halfway through yet.

💎IOS17 has made some major changes and now removes the tracking parameters from links you click on. This will have a huge effect on those of you who run ad campaigns so rather than us explaining it here, take a look at this brilliant article from 9to5Mac that takes you through it all.

💎TikTok has released more new courses into their academy and brought out the text only TikTok. Have you tried these yet? We’d love to know! The platform seems hell bent on becoming the new Google, so if your physical location is part of your brand, get comfortable with the geo-tagging and review tools on offer. 

💎Facebook has finally bowed to pressure and released new tags for groups. The @everyone tag evoked strong feelings but now you can use @admins, @moderators, and even @experts to get your post in front of the correct eyes. 

💎YouTube released some interesting data that shows people with smart TVs are watching more YouTube videos than TV on them! YouTube seems to have fallen slightly by the wayside in the onslaught of TikTok and Instagram, but it’s a massively useful platform. It has the broadest demographics and allows both long and short form content. If you’re not on YouTube, have a think and see if you should be. 

Which platforms do you use? And are they bringing in leads? When we say leads, we mean actual paying clients, not every Tommy Timewaster that enquires! Not sure if your social media is working? Get in touch with us and we can carry out a strategy that will determine where you need to be showing up and how. 


Jem has actually taken a holiday and NOT worked!! It was a struggle, there may have been messages sent along the lines of “don’t even think about opening the laptop” but Anna and Sarah are really proud of her. Jem, as you will all know, would cheerfully work 24/7 if left alone, so her taking a whole week away in sunny Spain was HUGE. The house move is done, and everyone is settled in and loving the space as well as the gorgeous garden bar and Mediterranean vibe Jem has created. The photos are amazing, but these are some of our faves! 

Sarah discovered that working from home meant she needed a proper grown-up office. So, she made one. And not to be outdone, she even managed to assemble her fancy swanky swivel chair. Admittedly, it took almost a day, involved a lot of swearing and she promptly succumbed to the flu afterwards and wasn’t able to sit on it for a few days, but we think you’ll agree it’s a beaut of a chair.

Anna has been on a high after her operation (not pain relief induced this time) and has redecorated the front room and gone full KonMari on all the cupboards…and the SocialJems admin and processes. Jem and Sarah have decided that as this makes her happy, they are going to retreat to a safe distance and throw the occasional doughnut at her. It’s best that way. They hate admin. Anna has also managed to spend lots of time over the half term with Tiddlypud and they’ve been sampling Italian food and playing Princesses a lot!

See you next month, love from The SocialJems x

June Newsletter
By Jemma