Generating leads through Sales Nav

Generating leads through Sales <span>Nav</span>

Generating leads through Sales Nav

Basic accounts enable you to gain leads but have their limitations.

Basic accounts enable you to gain leads but have their limitations.

If you want to take your lead generation to another level it really does pay to invest in Sales Nav.

Here we examine how to use it to bring laser-sharp precision to your lead generation process!

Time consuming and unfocused

Let’s be honest, isn’t this how lead generation is with the basic account?

It’s so piecemeal, you can search, connect, and message but it takes time, and you can’t save 

anything when you’re done. Not what you want when you’re looking to set up a professional sales 

funnel is it? That’s what makes Sales Nav so effective because it gives you the opportunity to search 

prospects and compile target lists strategically!

Yikes! It’s £79 per month!

Sales Nav is the account that the LinkedIn accountants would love everyone to have, as a premium service

it of course comes at a price.

Of course, they dangle a carrot to lure you in, the first month is free. They take your card details so  they can bill you from the second month. However, they’re desperate to get your business so if you  decide to cancel before the end of the trial month they’ll offer you the second and third months at half price!

If you decide you don’t want Sales Nav after the first month you have to cancel it or you will be charged the full rate for the next year, so remember the onus is on you to do the cancelling!

However, if you work with Sales Nav to its full potential, your free first month and half price in months two and three provides plenty of time to ensure your investment is more than paying for itself!

Funky filtering

Your basic account lead generation is always going to be cloudy because you can’t filter.

Filtering provides the clarity to enable you to compile a really focused prospect list.

For second degree prospects you are looking to connect with.

For first degree connections you are looking to sales message.

Company, location, area

Think how proper filtered lists can benefit your business.

If you have a physical business premises, think how useful a list of potential customers in your geographical catchment area.

Perhaps you’re looking to land a really big fish, with Sales Nav you can search by company and find who the most relevant people to connect with are.

Maybe you only want to connect with people at a certain level in their organisation, or maybe just owners.

Through applying filters, all the above is possible, you just have to choose the correct ones for your requirements, save and name your searches and away you go!

Success with connection requests

You are restricted in the number of connection requests you can make in a week, so you want to maximise the chances of your request being accepted.

When you analyse the prospects on your second degree lists it tells you whether they have posted in the last month.

If they have it shows you they are active on the platform and not dormant, so your request is more likely to be seen and considered as a result.

You’re also far mar likely to get a positive response if you send a short message with your connection request.

Nothing pushy or salesy, just something friendly based around liking their posts.

Certainly not ‘Hi dear’!

A friendly, polite message is far more likely to get accepted, wouldn’t you be likely to accept a request from someone who did just that?

It also makes sense to withdraw any connection requests which haven’t been responded to after 2 weeks, the platform doesn’t like it if you have lots of them clogging up the system!

Success with sales messaging

First of all, remember that the key to sales in any environment is doing the groundwork first and establishing the relationship, so as soon as you have connected with a prospect don’t go jumping straight in with your size elevens!

An out-and-out sales message straight after connecting is more likely to cause offence than succeed.

An initial message thanking them for accepting and looking forward to commenting on their posts is a good starting point, so remember to follow through and do just that!

If you take the time to get to know a prospect first, a ‘salesy’ message later down the line has a far better chance of being read and taken seriously. Never be afraid to message people in this way once you have got to know them, this is a business network site after all!

Just be respectful and treat others how you would want to be treated yourself, how do you like it if you get a full-blooded sales pitch from someone you don’t even know yet?


The different types of message

Once you have established communications with a prospect, make sure you don’t neglect them!

Keep them up to date with offers, industry news, any blogs you have created, poll findings, newsletters, anything that gives you a reason for keeping in touch and adds value!

Full steam ahead with your funnel

With tactics like these, in next to no time you’ll have created your very own prospect factory, adding to your first-degree connections while consistently messaging those you are already connected with and those you are adding to your ever-expanding network.

Now that’s what we call the makings of a truly effective sales funnel!

Not something that can be achieved with a straightforward personal account on its own!

Or it can all be managed for you….

You might like the idea but life gets in the way and you can’t spare the time.

This doesn’t mean you can’t outsource it though….

If you would like my help in using Sales Nav to its full effect why not have a chat and let’s see how I can help you secure a profitable source of inbound leads.

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