February Newsletter

February <span>Newsletter</span>

February Newsletter

With January safely out the way we can all breathe a little more easily. January always feels so long!

Hello February

With January safely out the way we can all breathe a little more easily. January always feels so long!

With the sun starting to shine a bit more and the spring bulbs popping up, everything is feeling positive and shiny.

But what if you get that sinking feeling about posting on social media?

Being afraid of posting holds many people back from really showing their personality, or the wonderful things their business is doing. Our blog this month looks at some of the most common fears around posting on social media and how to overcome them, so if you feel held back, make sure you head over to our website!

Industry Updates

The world of social media never stands still and so here is just a snippet of the latest news for social media channels:

  • Instagram 
    has announced they made a mistake in 2022 by focusing too heavily on video, so now photos and carousels are to be given more attention. This doesn’t mean you can stop using video, it’s always going to be there. The best tactic is to make sure you have a mix of all the types of content: reels, lives, carousels, photos.
  • LinkedIn 
    has removed the ability to pin comments in a post, so if you post a link there, make sure you’ve said so in your post! You may see some new Beta features rolling out this month like a tab for all the celebrations your connections are
    posting (new job, birthday etc). The ability to schedule your posts (desktop only) is still rolling out. To check if you have it yet, look for the little clock at the bottom of any new post you begin.
  • Meta 
    is changing CTA buttons to CTA link stickers for ads that run in Instagram Stories. So you'll want to ensure any important text or graphics are not in the lower 20% of the image.
  • Twitter 
    still has our heads in a spin, but it seems the stream of announcements has slowed a little. Have you paid for Twitter Blue yet?

SocialJems News

You may have seen our gorgeous new branding...if you haven’t then yes, we’re offended, HOW can you miss it!

It’s not a rebrand, but a revamp, and we are loving the bright and vibrant colours.

Have you visited the new website and signed up for our mailing list?

Team News

Running a business alone can be exhausting! All the decisions are on you, so you become Chief Everything Officer.

After 3 years of running SocialJems and Anna running Amelia Rose Media, we found we were having loads of conversations about how to grow without burning out.

The answer was staring us in face, and our Jem spotted it.

So Anna joins Jem in taking SocialJems to the next level of growth and it’s safe to say we're really looking forward to bringing fun and friendly social media marketing to even more people.

Sarah B is discovering even more of her new locale and is now 30% mermaid, which will rise as the weather gets warmer. You may remember her post last year where she actually took her laptop into the sea..

Sarah A is expanding her portfolio of social media skills with graphic design courses, and has been giving her adorable dogs lots of beach walks in between keep fit and social media!

And Jem? Jem is really looking forward to her break in sunny Alcudia. She knows the team can look after things in her absence, and slowing down a bit is a big goal for 2023. So to get her started she has a spa weekend booked for a friend's birthday this month. The spa is something Jem can’t wait for as it’s the only time she really slows down. (You can't take a laptop into a hot tub!)

The 4 of us continue to be kept busy with dogs, life and social media, but for now it’s time to sit down and plan out April.

Yes, it’s really important to have a plan in place!

How far ahead do you plan your social media?