April Newsletter

April <span>Newsletter</span>

April Newsletter

Well, hello there and welcome to the April newsletter from SocialJems, and oh boy, it has been busy since we last wrote to you! Our monthly giveaways are continuing and this month you are in with a chance to win a FULL LinkedIn audit.

April, how is it April?!

Freebies, Giveaways and Good Things

Well, hello there and welcome to the April newsletter from SocialJems, and oh boy, it has been busy since we last wrote to you! Our monthly giveaways are continuing and this month you are in with a chance to win a FULL LinkedIn audit. It’s always good to make sure your activity and presence on our favourite platform is doing what you want it to do, and our audit is thorough with a capital T.  To enter just comment, or nominate someone on the giveaway post on any of the following:

💎Jem’s LinkedIn Profile

💎Anna’s LinkedIn Profile

💎SocialJems’ LinkedIn Page, Facebook Page or Instagram Page

Jem is also holding a monthly training session, free of charge, to help anyone feeling a bit lost on LinkedIn to really leverage it. Keep an eye on her profile for news of when these will happen, then just turn up and bring a cup of tea, you won't need to take notes as she has even made some handy handouts you can have afterwards. You can also get those handouts by subscribing to our email list over on the website.

We love to support good causes and as both Jem and Anna have survived eating disorders we are thrilled, and proud, to support SEED. Set up by Gemma Oaten, SEED provides support and empathy for people with eating disorders. We’ve joined with Bowella Recruit Ltd to spread the news far and wide that this amazing charity is recruiting! Take a look and help spread the message as far as we possibly can. It’s a cause we care deeply about and want to do all we can to support.  

Social Media Updates

Oof, it’s been a busy month for social media and with the rise of AI, we are starting to see social media platforms become a little wary of how AI can grow. Have you used AI to write or plan your social media posts at all?

The biggest news is that Anna FINALLY has the scheduling feature on LinkedIn … well, it’s the biggest news as far as she is concerned! 

💎LinkedIn is rolling out more updates, such as audio events for company pages. Think of it like a podcast, hosted on LinkedIn. It’s something we may well be testing in the future!

💎Twitter is making a real effort to help users get their accounts a little more organised, with the introduction of “Verified Organisations” which is the company version of Twitter Blue. Users will be able to associate the accounts of people who work at the organisation with the main account!

💎TikTok is fighting fires all around the world with bans galore. The issue is because TikTok collects data and so some businesses and nations are fearful of what that could mean. But they have also launched a new keyword research tool to help users find new content ideas. 

💎Instagram is rolling out new appointment scheduling tools inside the DMs, as well as the ability to save posts in collaboration with other accounts. So, if you see something you like, and you know a few folks who will be keen to see it to, you can collectively access it in a shared space.

💎Meta (Facebook) have announced that code generator is soon being withdrawn so PLEASE make sure you have two factor authentication (2FA) turned on, so you don’t lose access to your account.

Social Media Top Tip

Our top tip this month is around creating your content. Throughout April we will be sharing tips and ideas on our company pages to help you create your content, batch it, organise it and post it. Our top tip is to set aside time each week to create your content, be it videos or text, newsletters or polls. If you have a regular time set aside for the task, it becomes far less daunting. We use our weekly CEO Day to tackle tasks like these. Do you have a regular time for creating and planning your content?

Testimonial of the Month

Team News

As ever, we’ve been supporting each other and our clients, no matter what life throws at us.

Anna went down with meningitis and then sepsis and is now very excited to finally have her operation this month …  Eloise is looking forward to visiting Mummy in hospital and having a go on the “uppy downy bed”.

Jem is one step closer to getting the keys to her new house, now that the estate agent has found the bit of paperwork that 2 other agencies thought they had, which they didn’t have, because it wasn’t there. Don’t ask, let’s just say buying a house is stressful because other people keep NOT doing the things Jem pays them to do! 

Sarah B is soaking up the sunshine each time it appears in Norfolk, and navigating how living alone means she can actually have coco pops for lunch if she wants. The Pokémon hunting in her new neighbourhood is good, and her collection is growing.

Sarah A is falling in love with Canva and disappears for hours down the rabbit hole of learning, but her designs are gorgeous!