Outreach and Networking

Outreach and <span>Networking</span>
Outreach and Networking

Ever had that sinking feeling as yet another cold pitch slides into your DMs?

Yep, us too.

It’s why we don’t do it.

Gone are the days when people are happy to be treated as a number; your customers, and clients are expecting far more from you and your brand than they ever did before. 

We know that relationships on social media are the key to success, and these take time and effort to build, but the results can be incredible if you know what to do.

Spammy cold DMs are not going to work, nor is adding anyone and everyone to your network.  Being at the forefront of people's minds without being pushy is the secret here, and it’s where Jem’s years of sales experience comes in to play.

By engaging with other peoples’ content and building a carefully curated network, having real conversations about real life, you will find people come to you naturally.  You build a relationship, carefully, steadily and consistently. There are no quick wins, silver bullets or magic potions. 

Everything we do is based on data, algorithms and organic growth, on years of study, action and skill. We don't provide paid advertising services. Social media, like chocolate, is better when it's organic!