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LinkedIn <span>Training</span>
LinkedIn Training

For individuals or businesses wanting to really learn HOW to use LinkedIn for maximum effect, we offer full and bespoke training.  We will take you through it all, step by step, so you can sparkle and shine all by yourself, or get your team up to speed to keep it all in-house.

From profile basics to the intricacies of Sales Navigator, we will get you shining like a diamond.

Your training will cover:

  • Profile optimisation -  how to do it and why
  • Engagement -  who with, how and why
  • Content creation – the different types, how they work and why you need them
  • Outreach -  standard LinkedIn account 
  • Outreach – Using Sales Navigator LinkedIn account

Now, you’ll be with Jem and she wants to make it clear she’s a straight-talking Yorkshire girl, who hates techno geek it’s training on complicated stuff but it’s easy to follow, has simple terms and she likes to laugh.

If you want stuffy and dull, please don’t come to us!

Have a look at this and see what we mean 👇


How to Unlock the Power of LinkedIn

Episode 113 of The Recruiter's Recruitment Podcast! 

Jem Bevan will be a very familiar face to many - she is the owner of Original Social Jems and is THE Social Media Marketing Expert. The topic of this episode is - 

  • How To Unlock The Power Of LinkedIn 
  • How to make your profile stand out 
  • How to create the best content 
  • How to use video and audio 
  • How to use other social media platforms

How To Generate Leads On LinkedIn

We've seen people buy from people, not products so building a personal brand and showing people who are you and what matters to you is key in generating sales. The way people are buying has changed, they no longer want to be a number, they want to buy from someone they trust and like. By building a personal brand you show people who you are and essentially generate those leads.

How to Spark Success

In this episode of #HowToSparkSuccess podcast, I'm delighted to speak to Jemma Lea Bevan, LinkedIn expert in generating leads on social media, founder of Social Jems. 

We hear about how Jemma's career and experience has lead her to help other people generate their own leads on LinkedIn.

The Jaily Show with Jemma Lee Bevan from Social Jems

This week, Jay is joined by Jemma Lea Bevan from Social Jems. Are you looking to generate more leads through social media? Jemma Lea Bevan might be exactly who you need in your life.  

If this sounds like something that could help you, get in touch with Jemma today.

Jemma Lea Bevan returns to The Jaily Show

In this release, Jay sat down (virtually) with Jemma Lea Bevan of Social Jems. Jemma is a specialist in digital marketing and social media strategy, and is full of handy pointers and tips for generating those LinkedIn leads. 

Business & Technology Show

Jemma is the proud owner of SocialJems, a firm specialising in LinkedIn marketing, training & lead Generation. You may recognise Jemma if you are an avid fan of LinkedIn. She creates very engaging content and has built up a large following on LinkedIn. 

Jemma Lea Bevan And the Social Jems (Podcast)

I get to speak with my good friend Jemma Le Beavan, after 1 year into her business Social Jems, a company that focuses working closely with business and individuals to maximise their social media. One of my favourite people on Linkedin, and personally!