The Power Of Nostalgia Marketing: Paying Freddo's Mortgage

The Power Of Nostalgia Marketing: Paying Freddo's <span>Mortgage</span>

The Power Of Nostalgia Marketing: Paying Freddo's Mortgage

Since we’re now paying his mortgage, we may as well make something out of it? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Since we’re now paying his mortgage, we may as well make something out of it? 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’m talking about Freddo’s, you know those little chocolatey bars of goodness that we bought as kids? The ones that used to cost us 10p, that are now a bajillion quid?!

Yeah, those ones. They were around when dial up was still a thing!

You know what I mean, way back when no one could use the phone because you were on MSN with ya mates!

If you’re smiling or cringing right now, it’s because we’ve brought back a few killer memories, from back when your mum used to do your ironing and your knees we’re darker than soot.

Because that’s what nostalgia marketing does!

It invokes emotion. 
It makes you feel.

Because nostalgia marketing is a bit like the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus for adults.
It takes us back to a simpler time in life, it makes you believe in magic again (even if it's for a split second).  And sometimes, just sometimes, it compels you to make a purchase…
So, why do brands whip out their time machines and take us down memory lane? 

Why is nostalgia marketing a thing?

Let’s explore it shall we… After all, we ARE here to educate, as well as entertain, and if we get a few enquiries, and make a few sales along the way ourselves, well then we’re laughing! 

So, let’s get into it. Let’s talk about that special secret nostalgia sauce…. 

Cosy comfy Comfort. 🥰 

Like grandma’s Yorkshire puds (Not Aunt Bessies), or Blue Peter after school, familiarity is comforting. And brands can use this to their advantage, they can use this to evoke a feeling of trust.

And when we trust, we buy!

There’s nothing we love more as customers than feeling something. We love a good old dose of the fuzzy wuzzys.

…And feeling good often translates to feeling GOOD about a brand.

And I mean who doesn’t want people to feel good when they think about their brand? 

Am I right or am I right?

Nostalgia marketing makes us reminisce

Looking back on simpler times Thinking of the The Good Ol' Days” When all we had to keep alive was our Tamagotchi and not kids. Which was way easier let’s face it!

It was a time before bills and responsibilities, and lots and lots of disappointment.

Back then the only disappointment we felt was when there was no shiny in the Pokemon pack we just spent our newspaper round money on.

And we like remembering it and we occasionally miss those simpler days, when we were in such a huge rush to grow up!

(What idiots we were!)

So, Ladies and Gents How Can You Use The Nostalgia Purchasing potion to help you get those sales in?

Post about it!  Talk about the past, your past experiences, what life was like for you way back when.  Give people something familiar to cling to! 

Give them the fuzzy wuzzies! 

They will help you build rapport, and that rapport will help you sell, sell, sell!  Because people buy people and not products especially if those people make them feel something. 

However…  Don’t overdo it! 

Don’t take people back on every post. Not every post needs to start out with you being knee-high to a grasshopper.  Too much looking back, and you might trip moving forward. 

So, remember that even though we’re giving people a good old dose of the past it’s important that our brands are predominantly looking towards the future. 

Because well, that’s where we’re going! 

So, share things about where you’re going, with the occasional look back to showcase how far you’ve come and add a few bits in that are relevant that people can cling to.  It helps build rapport! 

If you’re interested in learning more about nostalgia marketing, or you’re just looking for help! The socialJems have got you.  All you need to do is reach out. 

We don’t bite, unless it’s Sarah you’re approaching and it’s before 10am, then she might. You have been warned.