Meet the Gems behind SocialJems

Meet the Gems behind <span>SocialJems</span>

Meet the Gems behind SocialJems

Find out more about our Marketing team and why you should choose us.

💎People Buy People

You're buying more than just services. You're Investing in People. We all know that old saying, "people buy people." And you know what? It's bloody true! Think about it - if you needed to hire someone for a job, who would you pick?

A) Some random stranger off the internet with the right credentials and experience? 

Or B) Your friendly neighbour Bob, who you actually like as a person AND has the proper qualifications?

Let's be honest, the odds are stacked in Bob's favour. At the end of the day, you're trusting someone with a task and handing over your hard-earned cash. So, wouldn't you feel way more comfortable working with someone you've built a genuine relationship with? Someone you can easily pick up the phone and have an actual conversation with?

That's why it's absolutely crucial for businesses to showcase the real humans behind the operation. Don't just rattle on about your services - give people a reason to choose you over all the other options out there. 

Let them see the personalities and the faces they'll be dealing with.

After all, we all prefer working with people we can actually stand being around, don't we?🤪 It's not just about expertise, it's about the whole package - skills AND likability.

Now, we're usually pretty good about promoting the SocialJems team across our social channels. But we've dropped the ball a bit on the blog front.

So, allow us to re-introduce ourselves!

💎Meet the Mastermind Behind SocialJems: Jem Bevan

It's time to get properly acquainted with the real brains of this operation - our fearless founder and leader, Jem Bevan. 

But first, let's rewind to the very beginning and answer that burning question.

Why the hell did Jem decide to take the entrepreneurial plunge and create SocialJems?💎

Well, it all started after Jem had spent years crushing it in the sales game. This Yorkshire lass was an absolute pro at leveraging LinkedIn to drum up leads and business. Naturally, it didn't take long before people started coming out of the woodworks, begging her to share her secrets and tricks.

Fast forward a bit, and Jem realised she was onto something huge. As a single mum, the idea of being her own boss and calling the shots must've been pretty appealing. So, she did what any self-respecting, bad*ss businesswoman would do - she took a leap of faith and launched SocialJems from her kitchen table.

But who exactly is this Jem Bevan character?

First off, she's a proud parent to her son Charlie and an outrageously obsessive dog mum to her four fur babies; and lives with her Partner Josh. 

Despite her hard-nosed business acumen, Jem's got a heart of gold. Some might say it's too big for her own good - she's the type who'd help out the whole neighbourhood if she could. Luckily, she channels that caring energy into making sure her clients get the royal treatment.

Jem’s journey hasn’t been an easy one. She didn’t have the best start to life, having been adopted after her birth parents nearly killed her as a baby. Despite this traumatic beginning, Jem has grown into a person who exudes love and support for everyone around her. Facing her own trauma and learning to accept herself has only deepened her empathy and understanding of others. 

You can feel safe and never judged when you’re with our amazing Jem.

When she's not busy being a social media marketing maven, you'll likely find Jem on the dance floor. She just can't resist a good boogie, even if it means dragging strangers unwillingly into her impromptu routine.

Nowadays, Jem's newest favourite pastime is DIYing up a storm in her new home. We reckon she'll never truly be "finished" though, because she always seems to find another project to start.

Oh, and one more pretty random fact? Jem bloody loves baby hippos but has a lowkey vendetta against penguins. Don't ask - it's a long, heated story involving a documentary and an abandoned chick.🐧

So, why should you hitch your business to Jem's brilliant mind? 

If you want someone who'll give your social media presence a total glow-up while cracking you up with her hijinks, Jem's your gal. 

Because the woman's got Skills with a capital 'S', an insane work ethic, and just the right amount of that classic, no-bull Yorkshire spirit. Plus, she's an all-around decent human who actually cares about your success.

Seriously, she will be your cheerleader for the small, medium, and big wins, Jem has spent over a decade working in sales, generating leads, and building relationships the right way. This experience is invaluable when crafting the perfect marketing strategy for your business because each business is unique.

Jem also possesses extensive expertise and experience in online marketing. Whether you need help creating engaging content, boosting your online presence, strategising, or simply making your sales messages compelling, Jem is your go-to person. 

She’s not just interested in discussing business; she genuinely wants to get to know you as an individual.

Want to book a call with Jem?

Click here to book a call. 

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💎Meet Sarah, the Content Queen 

Sarah joined SocialJems in 2020, and it all started with a serendipitous connection. Jem and Sarah had never spoken before then, but a client of SocialJems saw the potential, noting their similar passions and writing styles. The rest, as they say, is history.

While it might be cheesy to call them partners in crime, it’s true—though they’re more like partners in marketing. Sarah and Jem get along famously, working together to create impactful content. But let’s dive a bit deeper into Sarah’s story.

Sarah's Journey

Sarah began her career as a volunteer journalist for a Norwegian publication, where she honed her skills and developed a keen interest in ethical and sustainable digital marketing. Writing has always been her passion, and despite the naysayers, she was determined to turn her love for content creation into a career.

Today, Sarah crafts social media content for our clients, along with newsletters, blogs, website copy, and even provides training within our team. Her transparency about losing her partner unexpectedly in 2021 has been a source of inspiration for many. By sharing her story, she hopes to help others navigate their own challenges, and this is why she’s so passionate about writing and discussing mental health.

Looking for a fresh start, Sarah moved to Norfolk to be close to the sea. Now, she spends her time at the arcades with friends or dragging them to the beach for a refreshing dip. A 90’s Pokémon collector, Sarah often finds herself chatting about Pokémon cards with Jem’s son, Charlie, sharing photos and discussing their collections.

Why Work with Sarah?

Sarah approaches content creation like cooking—experimenting and creating something new and exciting. Her creative ideas not only grab attention but also drive engagement and promote your business. She’s committed to understanding the person behind the business, ready to laugh, cry, or rant with you.

And if you’re wondering about her title, “morgenmuffel” (a German word for someone who is grumpy in the morning) describes her perfectly. Just avoid her until she’s had her two cups of coffee, and you’ll find she’s as friendly and engaging as can be.

In Sarah, you’ll find a content queen who is not just talented but also deeply empathetic and relatable. She’s ready to take your content to the next level while building a genuine connection with you.

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💎Meet Sarah, the Admin Extraordinaire!

Now onto Sarah, affectionately known as "Twinnie" to the other Sarah (our beloved "morgenmuffel"). Yes, it’s going to get confusing with two Sarahs, and if we add another Jem, things might get doubly perplexing!

Sarah’s life is brightened by her fur-babies, Ginger and Peanut. They may not talk back, but they are her best therapists and the most patient listeners of her questionable singing—which probably explains their silence!

A lifelong Swiftie, Sarah adores Taylor Swift. Blame it on the bangs or the breakups, but Taylor Swift is her queen. Who else rocked the "Speak Now" era fringe as flawlessly as she did?

Mornings are definitely not Sarah’s favourite. She describes her daily routine as a sleepwalking shuffle to the bathroom, fuelled entirely by caffeine. Rest assured; she eventually becomes human... more or less.

Pinoy at Heart, K-Food Obsessed

Though adobo forever holds a special place in her heart, Sarah's soul speaks the language of Korean BBQ. Don’t be surprised if you see her shed a tear (or two) over some perfectly marinated bulgogi.

Sarah brings a unique blend of passion, personality, and expertise to SocialJems. Her quirks and qualities make her not only a skilled professional but also a relatable and empathetic team member.

Whilst Sarah works behind the scenes at SocialJems

She’s just as crucial to our survival, both for the business and our sanity levels. She handles all the administrative tasks that Sarah and Jem dread, including scheduling content and organising important documents. Her efficiency and attention to detail keep everything running smoothly.

She’s passionate about growing with SocialJems and we couldn’t be happier about that!

We’d be lost without her! 

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We’re thrilled to announce that a new person will be joining the SocialJems team soon! 

While we can't reveal their identity just yet, we can share that they’ll be coming on board to create content for our social channels. This individual brings a rich background in creating graphics and working within the marketing industry.

The addition of this new team member is a significant milestone for us. As our small team of three can only handle so much, this new hire means we can take on more clients without keeping anyone on a waiting list. We’re excited to see how this growth will enhance our ability to deliver even better service to our clients.

Stay tuned for more updates—we’ll be sharing more about our new team member soon!

Want to look a bit more into our personalities?

Our team took the 16 personalities test and this is what they got:


We thought we’d include a fun FAQ section too…

 Is there anyone you won’t work with?

Yes, kn*bs and ***** and ****. Basically, we’re a pretty friendly team and work with various industries, but we refuse to work with bullies or people who act like a toxic boss. We’re about promoting people we like. 

Can my dog join the video calls?

Of course! In fact it’s encouraged. Bring your children, your spouse, your pets, or if you just want to show off someone cool – bring it along!

Do you work with Adult Rated businesses? 

We haven’t yet, but we’d be up for it. Sarah has helped certain adult stores with their content in the past, so you’re in safe non-judgemental hands here. 

Who’s the sanist person in the team?

Sorry, sane? What’s that?

What music do you listen to when you’re working? 

Sarah (Twinnie) doesn’t listen to music as she works but likes to have Grey’s Anatomy on in the background.

Sarah (Morgenmuffel) likes to have country music on. 

Jem listens to violin covers of popular songs.

Are there any requirements for working with SocialJems? 

Nope. All we ask is that you treat us with the same respect we treat you, that and communication. Don’t ghost us for a month and then wonder why we can’t create your content that’s needed for tomorrow. 

Do I need to be on every social media platform going?

Depends, do you have the time to be on EVERY single platform? That’s a lot of time, or you could focus on the platforms where your target audience is. 

Can you make boring products sound exciting?

All we’ll say, is that it won’t sound boring with us 😉 

Can Jem bring her dogs on the video call?


Do you use engagement pods?

No. We believe in our work, and we prefer to get you genuine engagement. Just don’t expect things to change overnight, if you want to build your online presence, you need to be in it for the long game. 

Work with us

At the end of the day, SocialJems isn’t just here to make money and pay bills. We want to work with you and build a meaningful relationship. We believe that the best relationships are formed by truly getting to know each other.

Oh, and we’re not the kind of marketing agency that judges on appearance. We judge by how you treat us and others. 

Want to work with a couple of marketers who genuinely care? Get in touch! 😊 

Meet the Gems behind SocialJems
Meet the Gems behind SocialJems
By Sarah