Blog: Blank mind, blank screen – Handy content prompts

Blank mind, blank screen – Handy content prompts

Everyone rightly bangs on about the importance of consistency on LI, regular posting and commenting on posts is key to successfully building your personal and business brand.


But sometimes your creative juices can dry up and you look at your blank screen in a panic, wondering what on earth you should post about.


I want to tell you a story….


Does it matter if you can’t think of anything to post?


Of course it does!


When you post, you are telling your story, and stories have always been a great way to bring people together, think about it as spinning a tale around a campfire, it has gone on for as long as there have been people to tell them!


Telling stories makes you more relatable in the eyes of your target audience, they build the rapport that is necessary to attract enquiries that can then be converted to sales!


So we decided to help by coming up with a few ideas for when inspiration decides to take the day off!


The client conversation


Some of your best posting material come from the conversations you have with your clients.


Whether it’s an industry issue, a bitch about the colleague who always microwaves the broccoli and stilton soup, client conversations are a great source of post inspiration.


Posting about conversations with clients helps showcase your knowledge, adds to your brand authenticity and, of course, shows that you have clients to talk to, which shows you mean business!


You hopefully make notes when you chat with clients, revisit them and see what ideas for posts are there, you’re bound to find a useful topic to post about!



Solving the problem


What problem(s) does your product or service fix?


Posts that show you at your problem-solving best really add value for your connections to take advantage of.


Case studies are a very effective way to show how you identified a problem and were able to come up with a solution to fix it.


If you regularly share knowledge and best practice, people are more likely to contact you when they have problems of their own because they know you may well be able to help them solve them!



Interesting industry facts


You’ll know your business and your industry really well, and hopefully you love the sector you’re in.


Why not share the love by coming up with some interesting facts about your industry?


Serious or humorous, they showcase your knowledge and are a great way to get conversations with your connections flowing!



Office banter


A very effective way to show the human side of your business, it could be a serious topic or just something that a colleague did or said that cracked you up!


Remember, it’s SOCIAL media, and people buy people, so posts that show a great working environment make people both warm to you and those that you work with, and really help people to understand what makes you tick.



Promotions in the team


Everyone appreciates a good positive post, and what could be better than celebrating a colleague’s promotion?


People are encouraged by seeing others do well, celebrating success in your team shows you as a great, empathic leader who is happy to showcase the success of others rather than just banging on about themselves.



Team birthdays


A great excuse to discuss cakes, celebration meals and all things birthday related!


If you work in an environment that is all about ‘work hard, play hard’ it’s always nice to be able to see a team enjoying each other’s company and having a great time.


If you show you’re a good company to work for, it gives a compelling reason why you might be good to work with as well, for potential suppliers and customers alike!



How would a client describe working with you?


An excellent opportunity for you to have a think and spell out why you are a great business to work with.


It’s a great excuse to broadcast what’s great about both you and your company, encouraging others to want to work with you as well!


If you have some great client testimonials you can use these as the basis for your post, it’s even better when other people sell you and your business for you, and that’s just what good testimonials can do!



Why did you start your business?


People often post about what their business does, but why not tell people about what motivated you to start it in the first place?


Was it because you love the industry and thought you could do a better job yourself?


Or maybe a desire to have a better work/life balance and work on your own terms?


Whatever your reason, it brings a real human touch to any business, and is a great way to show your drive and motivation behind why you do what you do!



Something for the weekend?....


All work and no play is a one-way-ticket to burnoutville!


Why not post about your weekend plans, it’s a great way to talk about your interests and give a glimpse of you and your family in non-work mode.



Your business culture


What’s it like to work for your business?


Your business culture is often key to whether a customer wants to buy from you or a supplier partner with you.


If you’re an empathy-led business, let people know about it.


Are you a fun, approachable company where people enjoy each other’s company as well as the work itself?


Why not show your connections a glimpse of what it’s really like to work with/for you?



Furry/scaly/feathered friends


Why are there so many pet-related posts on LI?


For the simple reason, they are very very popular.


Whether dog, cat, rodent or whatever, animal lovers warm to other animal lovers!


There really is no better way to demonstrate that you are a caring person than showing how much you love your animal buddies, and they’re such an excellent ice-breaker!



Today’s the day….


Anniversary-based posts, because it’s always International this day or National that day, why not create a post based on what ‘day’ it is?


On a more personal level, if you get a Facebook reminder of what you were up to on this day 7 years ago, why not post around this, and how things have changed in your life since then?



A whiff of nostalgia


What sweets did you like growing up?  What TV did you watch back in the day?


Posts about the past, and how you lived in it, always strike a chord and encourage people to contribute their own experiences.



Who needs an imagination now?....


So long as you feel comfortable with the subject, you really can post about absolutely anything provided you aren’t setting out to be offensive or alienate people, which is counterproductive anyway.


But if your imagination has gone on holiday with your inspiration, hopefully these ideas will be enough to reinvigorate your content mojo and get you happily posting away!

By David Goldsmith