Blank mind, blank screen – Handy content prompts

Blank mind, blank screen – Handy content <span>prompts</span>

Blank mind, blank screen – Handy content prompts

One of the key requirements of success on social media is consistency, which can be a right pain in the whatsits if you’re wanting to post but can’t decide what to write about.

Inspiration’s a bit like an unruly teenager, it comes and goes as it pleases!

But one of the key requirements of success on social media is consistency, which can be a right pain in the whatsits if you’re wanting to post but can’t decide what to write about.

So, for those moments when your mind and screen are blank, here are some suggestions to get those post creative juices flowing!

The different types of post

There are three categories of post you can create, depending upon what you are looking to achieve when you decide you want to post.

  1. Gaining visibility, to get your connections to know, like and trust you.
  2. Lead generation, ‘this is what I do and how I can help you!’
  3. Sales conversion, ‘Look how great this is, come and get it!

Posts are like diets in that variety is the spice of LinkedIn life, too many of any one type and your readers will be bored and unsatisfied and will scroll on by!

We’ll come up with suggestions for each category, then it’s down to you to pick-and-mix!

Posts to gain you visibility

These are the types of post that really get your audience to engage with you.

How personal you want to make them depends entirely on how comfortable you are about talking about your life, if you aren’t comfortable about sharing information, don’t post it, simple as that!

But here are some suggestions to help you show personality and let your connections get to know the person behind the business:

  1. Pets
    Some might sneer, but if you have a pampered pooch or puss, or even an indolent iguana, why not introduce your furry, feathery or scaly chums to your connections?

    Pet posts strike a chord with other creature lovers and regularly get high traction just because they are so relatable.
  2. Family life
    What do you enjoy doing as a family?  Has your child done something you’re really chuffed about? Have you had a lovely meal out recently? Or a lousy one?

    If you want to keep your family out of your posts It’s entirely down to you, but incidents from family life and the lessons that you can take from your own personal experiences are subjects that strike a chord with many people on social media.
  3. Interests/hobbies
    Especially helpful if you don’t like posts that are too ‘personal’, posts on your hobbies and interests are a safe way to show personality without being too ‘personal about it. 

    When you write about things that matter to you the passion really comes across in the writing, some of the most compelling posts are interest based!
  4. Overheard while out and about
    Every daytrip, every shopping expedition is a potential post subject.  Have you experienced good or bad service, have you overheard something that made you smile, did you have a good chat with the person on checkout, all good subjects to post about.
  5. Humorous posts
    Remember this is SOCIAL media, so if you have a sense of humour don’t hide it away, let people see it in its full glory!

There’s enough misery in the world, a post that can raise a smile is very much appreciated.

Posts to generate leads

It’s great to socialise on social media, of course it is, but never lose sight of the fact that you are here to gain leads and hopefully convert these into sales!

Lead generating posts show your industry knowledge, your ability to offer solutions to problems and help you establish yourself and your brand as people to do business with!

  1. Case studies
    A perfect post to showcase your knowledge in action, identifying a problem and coming up with a solution to solve it.

    You and your business in action, showing you walking the walk, not just talking the talk!
  2. Testimonials/Reviews
    What can be better for a business than the praise of others?

    It’s one thing to big up your own business, but people take far more notice when somebody else does!

    Good reviews and testimonials are postal gold – use them!
  3. Thought leadership
    You know your industry, spread that knowledge and give your own opinions about what needs to be improved.

    Giving your opinions on top of just the facts really shows you think about your industry and try to come up with solutions to problems within it.

    Facts plus opinions about them go together very well!
  4. Company news
    Have you just secured that big order you were chasing for ages?

    Are you moving into a swanky new office?

    There’s always something going on in your workplace that deserves to be broadcast to the widest possible audience, anything that shows your company in a good light makes it a more attractive prospect to do business with!
  5. Posts about blogs
    Do you upload blogs to your website?

    If you do, posting about them is a useful method of directing traffic to your website, enabling your website and social media to work together to effectively promote your business.

Posts to generate sales

Remember the principle of ‘if you don’t ask you don’t get’!

Nothing but sales posts will turn your potential audience away, but if you never actually ask for business, why should anybody give you any?

  1. Special offers
    Sales, time-sensitive offers with a positive call to action, let your potential market know about the extra special goodies you have on offer!
  2. This is what we do
    It’s always worth going back to basics every so often to actually remind potential clients exactly what it is you do, people might love your posts but nobody will buy from you if they aren’t certain of the products or services you offer!
  3. Pride in the product
    Hopefully, for your long-tern business future, you are proud of the products or services you offer….

    So show it!

    If you have a new product launch, or an existing one has won an award, don’t be backwards in coming forwards and celebrate the fact with your network!
  4. ‘How to’ posts
    Free advice is always appreciated.

    Showing how you can solve a potential problem makes you far more likely to be called upon by a prospect to solve it for them!

    Find the pain point, provide the solution, gain the business!
  5. Supporting the opposition
    Competition is healthy, but it needn’t be cut-throat unless you’re in the pirate sector.

    Attacking or remaining aloof from the competition will do you more damage than good.

    It gives the industry as a whole a bad rep for infighting, for starters.

    And if you co-operate with the competition, if they can’t help a client, they’ll be for more likely to pass business to a company that has been supportive than one that makes snide comments about them!

Bye bye blankness

Hopefully the above will give you a whole raft of fantastic posting ideas!

However, maybe you’re still feeling uncertain or simply lack the time to create posts to do you and your business justice.

Not, of course that you have to post that often, posting, after all, is a matter of personal choice and preference.

However, if you need help structuring your posting or indeed with post creation, we can manage your account on your behalf.

Finally, whatever you post about and whenever you post about it, just remember to do one thing..,.

Enjoy it!

Because if you can’t enjoy the posts you create, why will anybody else?

Happy posting!